EXCO info(English) 国産コイン情報

Excalibur Coin [EXC] connects all creators and supporters




16billion EXCO will be sold at 1sat on coinexchange.


About Ekusuko

Excalibur Coin connects all creators and supporters

With the Internet, each person can transmit various values as creators to the world.
It continues to increase on various social platforms.
However, there are not many creators who can concentrate on creative activity.
Many of them have financial, temporal and marketing problems.

EXCO support creators with original platform named "Arther".



Name of project     :   Excalibur Coin[ekusuko]
Project Type              :        Creator Support by original platform
Name of platform     :        Arther
Operating company  :        Ekusuko Ltd. in JAPAN
Name of Token         :        Excalibur Coin
Type of Token           :        ERC223
Symbol                      :        EXC
Total Supply              :        1 trillion EXC


90%  :  Lock-up of funds for creators support
3%    :  Presale and Open sale on 1sat by listing on CE
3%    :  Development
3%    :  Marcketing
1%    :  Operations

= About Lock-up =

Up to 0.03% will be unlocked in one year.

You can check Lock-up adress in Etherscan.


Adress : 0xf709496054f253220184019fbe8f54825c294a56
[ unlockUnixTime method Response ]
uint256 : 1557154800

Except for one year's worth of funds, the address will be locked again.
When the market is completed, this fund is no longer needed. These tokens will never be released again.



2018.3   Started

2018.4   Released of Website

2018.5   Presale

2018.6   LISTING (Coinexchange.io) & Opensale

2018.8    Release of Original creative platform named "Arther" β version

2018.10 Release of "Arther"

2019      Development of Original game

2020      Open an exhibition "EXCO OLYMPIC"

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